Private Lessons, Group Classes,

and Performance Opportunities

Studio Memberships

Private Piano Lessons, Performance Opportunities, and optional Group Classes

Weekly lessons of 45-60 minutes

Weekly lessons of 45-60 minutes

Student Solo Study

These 1:1 lessons offer private and individualized study for each student. In these lessons, each student will learn the art of playing the piano in the classical tradition and will study solo repertoire in a variety of styles. Students receive a rich and diverse musical education that includes: Musical Fundamentals (e.g. rhythm, note-reading), Foundational Technique, Musicianship and Artistic expression, Sight-Reading Skills, Music Theory & Ear Training, and an introduction to Music History and the various musical styles.

What is included in this Study?

Weekly private lessons during the school year, with flex-lessons in summer
2 Studio Recitals + 2 Studio Nights
Back-to-School Conference (Fall)
Parent-Teacher Conference (Spring)                       

Tuition Details
  • 45-minute lesson
    • 10 monthly installments of $215
  • 60-minute lesson
    • 10 monthly installments of  $280

Adult Study

Whether you are a college student, or an adult seeking piano instruction for the first time, you can enroll in Adult Study as either a beginner or well-seasoned pianist. Goals for adult students can include: learning to play the piano for the first time in a structured and nurturing environment, adding to your existing repertoire, advancing your skills, studying improvisation & jazz, or simply enjoying collaborating in a rigorous and creative studio setting.


Tuition Details
  • 45-minute lesson
    • $240/month
    • flexible, month-to-month commitment 
  • 60-minute lesson
    • $285/month
    • flexible, month-to-month commitment 

About The Teacher

A native of Richland, Washington, Carissa Pitkin Cox attended Whitman College with the support of a Whitman College Higley Scholarship, Robert Richardson Scholarship, and WSMTA-Tri-Cities Chapter Scholarship. While at Whitman, Ms. Cox studied piano under Dr. Leonard Richter and pedagogy and collaborative piano under Dr. Lee Thompson. Ms. Cox graduated with honors with a B.A. in Piano Performance and a minor in Education.

She went on to earn a Master’s degree from The Boston Conservatory in Piano Performance where she studied under Max Levinson. While in Boston, Ms. Cox was admitted into the Collaborative Pianists Program, and also studied piano pedagogy while teaching music history and piano at the Conservatory. In 2007, as a result of her work at the Conservatory, she was awarded the Collegiate Honors award by Sigma Alpha Iota.  Ms. Cox also holds a Master’s in Musicology from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

Ms. Cox has taught piano and music history since 2004 and has held teaching positions at The Boston Conservatory, University of Cincinnati-College-Conservatory of Music, The International School of Music (ISM) in Washington D.C., and currently is on faculty at Whitman College. Passionate about curriculum development, Ms. Cox successfully developed and ran a monthly Piano Performance Class, as well as a regional Summer Piano Camp in the D.C. area. Ms. Cox is an active member in the Washington State Music Teachers Association and has held various local and regional leadership positions. Ms. Cox currently serves on the Board of Camerata Musica and is passionate about bringing chamber music to the community. She is an active performer, presenter, adjudicator, and collaborative pianist in the area.

Ms. Cox is a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM) and is a member of the following organizations:

“Music is a way for us to understand both ourselves and the world we live in.”

Carissa Pitkin Cox, NCTM, MM, MM

Teaching Philosophy

It is my goal as a piano teacher to demonstrate to each student the value of seeking excellence in what they do. Studying music teaches students that accomplishment is directly related to dedication. My students get to experience first-hand that if something is worth doing, then it should be worth doing correctly, whole-heartedly, and to the best of their ability.

My philosophy of pedagogy is driven by the goal of guiding students to become self-aware learners. In lessons, we approach the subjects they are learning with curiosity and open-mindedness. I teach students that understanding how to learn means first understanding how to listen. Together, we learn how to listen to ourselves, to different or new ideas, all while constantly learning how to develop our own voice and gain the knowledge to critically listen to and understand music. For this reason, I truly believe that music is a way for us to understand both ourselves and the world we live in. Music helps us better understand ourselves through self-awareness, self-expression, and dedication—and better understand our world through shared, common experiences. It provides us with a way to know more than simply how to play piano; music passes on to every student a deep understanding and appreciation for culture, history, and beauty.

I believe in the lasting benefits of piano lessons–in their ability to equip students with invaluable life-skills; such as commitment, responsibility, patience, determination, confidence, and self-discipline. The foundations of music taught in piano lessons help students become life-long lovers of music. They can express themselves with ease, be confident, and understand music on a deep level.