A conservatory tradition in a contemporary setting.




What is a conservatory-style tradition?


Students grow not simply as pianists, but as Whole Musicians.

Developing the Whole Musician requires both practical training on the instrument and important foundational grounding in interrelated academic and musicianship areas. A Whole Musician can be liberated by mastery of their craft to express themselves and reach their creative potential.


Being immersed in a conservatory-style tradition provides students with a rich learning experience.

Students develop full literacy of music and gain a deep appreciation of music and the performing arts.


Experience artistically nurturing and inspiring instruction that gives each student the skills to become a fearlessly expressive performer.

My curriculum allows for creative skills to be developed alongside the important technical skills necessary to master a musical instrument.


By striving for excellence, each student learns the value of their own talents and abilities.

Using accepted standards of excellence in music pedagogy ensures students receive a sustainable and worthwhile education. This curriculum provides the necessary instruction to develop students’ skills in a masterful way, for their own enjoyment, and up to a professional standard. 

Studio Experiences